Friday, May 26, 2006

Alwact website new look

The look of Alwact website was ... too basic.

I found a very interesting article about making a better looking web site using rounded corners (without images).

I used it to create a better looking website for Alwact.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Future features and directions

As version 1.2 of Alwact Clock will be released (currently Beta), I am trying to find out what are the most interesting features to add in future versions, here is a list of the features I am currently thinking about:

Quick launch programs.
Clipboard monitoring and logging.
Drag&Drop files on the clock widget: Copy to a specific location/Open by a particular program.
Mini MP3 player.
Cool widget move effects.


Welcome to Alwact Clock blog !

Alwact Clock is an analog desktop clock freeware featuring skins, transparency and zoom. It is possible to set the refresh delay ranging from a few milliseconds(continuous second hand rotation) to a minute. You can also make your own skins using any image edition software supporting PNG.